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leiba_rodman1BProfessor Leiba Rodman, Professor of Mathematics, passed away on Monday, March 2, 2015. Professor Rodman joined the College of William & Mary in 1987. He had earned his Ph.D. from Tel-Aviv University and had previously served on the faculty at Tel-Aviv University and Arizona State University.

During his long productive research career, Professor Rodman made substantial contributions to a variety of mainstream mathematical subjects, among them, linear algebra and matrix theory, matrix and operator-valued functions, Krein-space operator theory, linear preserver problems, and, most recently, quaternionic linear algebra. He published eight monographs and over 330 journal research papers. His most recent book, “Topics in Quaternion Linear Algebra” published by Princeton University Press in 2014, was written during his courageous battle with cancer.

RodmanProfessor Rodman served the mathematics community as Editor-in-Chief of “Operators and Matrices” and as an Associate Editor of three other journals. He had many research collaborators and was particularly helpful with guidance to young researchers at William & Mary and elsewhere. A special issue of “Linear Algebra and its Applications” dedicated to his 65th birthday will appear shortly. At the College, Professor Rodman was one of the first recipients of the Plumeri award in 2009. As a member of the Mathematics Department, Leiba was unfailingly generous with his time and his regard for his colleagues.

Professor Rodman was a devoted and effective teacher. He taught a wide variety of courses from the standard curriculum and beyond, and directed dozens of honors projects and undergraduate research projects

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  1. Leiba Rodman was a very active reviewer for Mathematical Reviews / MathSciNet. His first review was published in 1976 for a paper (written in Russian) about quarternion matrices. Earlier this year, we published his review of a paper titled “A completely PPT map”. In total, he wrote 302 reviews, a remarkable achievement. We are grateful for his commitment to the mathematical literature.

    Edward Dunne
    Executive Editor
    Mathematical Reviews

  2. Leiba was my mentor, when I was a post-doc in Williamsburg for 6 month and he was also a good friend. He will be greatly missed!

  3. I met Leiba for the first time at Tel-Aviv University in 1977 when he was still a Ph.D. student with Israel Gohberg as his supervisor. Since then he has been a regular visitor of the analysis and operator theory group at the VU University in Amsterdam. We got to know him as a wonderful colleague and also as an excellent problem solver. His death deeply chocked me.  I knew that he had to go through  a new period of chemotherapy for about six months. A couple of weeks ago he wrote me: “So far so good. Hope for the best.” The best did not come. We lost a great mathematical friend.

  4. I will always remember Leiba Rodman as a great man and an excellent mathematician who never stopped working. Collaborating with such a knowledgeable man was a wonderful experience for me. I feel a great loss that he had to leave us so suddenly.
    We all miss you, Leiba.

  5. I have met Leiba Rodman back in 1976, during my undergraduate studies, when I started attending the Gohberg Seminar at Tel Aviv University (Israel). We became acquaintances and kept attending this seminar together till Leiba’s leave after he received his Ph.D.
    After receiving my Ph.D., I joint William & Mary 1989 and our two families became much closer. Professionally, Leiba & I coauthored 6 papers, but, even though I have moved from the Academic life to the Industry, we kept in touch and got together during Leiba’s visits to Israel.
    When Ella notified us about Leiba’s death we were really devastated. It was a shock for us and we shared our grief with Leiba’s families both in the US as well as in Israel.
    Ella, Daniel, Ruth, Benjamin and Naomi. May you never know sorrow again, and we hope you will gain the strength to continue with life and still, keep remembering Leiba.
    We will surely remember Liba forever.
    Grieving with you – Tamir, Brighitte, Loran and Aline Shalom

  6. I first met Leiba at William & Mary in the fall 1992 when I was a visiting instructor in the math department. I recall that some math faculty went out together for happy hours at a hotel/restaurant once a week regularly; Leiba gave me ride several times. Leiba was a nice man and a fine mathematician.

    On my desk is Leiba’s book “Topics in Quaternion Linear Algebra” (Princeton University Press) for which I am writing a review for IMAGE. I was thinking to have Leiba to look at my review before its publication. Now it’s too late… Leiba: Rest in peace; you will be remembered!

  7. I saw Leiba for the first time at the 1979 MTNS Conference in Delft. He was sitting besides Israel Gohberg in the row just in front of me. Israel had already told me about Leiba and I was curious to meet him. And I did. Then, and many times later. Meeting Leiba was always special. He very much had a style of his own, also showing when he gave his excellent lectures. I regret that he is not among us any more.

  8. I met Leiba in August of 1988, at a conference devoted to 60th anniversary of his PhD adviser Israel Gohberg. It was my first trip to the West, and conversations with Leiba played a crucial role in forming my decision to leave what was then the USSR and move to the US. Leiba also was instrumental in bringing me to William and Mary. This was the beginning of our collaboration and friendship which lasted a quarter of a century and ended so sadly with his premature passing. The mathematical community at large, and ILAS in particular, lost one of the leading experts in operator and matrix theory; our department lost a an impartial and decent colleague, and his family lost a devoted husband and father. He will be greatly missed by all…

  9. I have enjoyed chatting with Leiba on many occasions over the years at conferences and workshops. He was gentle and unassuming, and always full of questions and ideas. I felt a connection with Leiba right from the start and always looked forward to our conversations. I will miss his presence very much.

  10. I met Leiba for the first time at the Linear Algebra Workshop
    in Bled. He approached me and suggested to work together
    on a certain problem. I was excited and frightened at the same
    time; he was a well-established linear algebraist and operator
    theorist, while I was a young beginner. His personality made
    everything easy and since then we wrote quite a few joint papers
    and spent a lot of time together at conferences, but also at
    his or my place. It was a joy to work with him. And we had a
    lot of fun when relaxing, having meals together, and making
    excursions or just walking around. It was great and I will
    miss him a lot.

  11. Leiba was a wonderful colleague. He was never too busy to stop and chat about a variety of topics which we often did. My fondest memories are of Leiba at my office talking with my youngest daughter when she was home from college. He would question her about her interests and scholastics…you could tell how much he enjoyed young people.
    His devotion to the college, his students, his peers and to his mathematical endeavors was admirable. He was taken too soon and he leaves a hole in the department.

  12. I was deeply saddened to hear that Leiba has passed away. By coincidence
    I had contacted him a few days earlier and asked him about refereeing a
    paper. He never mentioned how ill he really was.
    I have known Leiba for many, many years. He was always happy and it was
    a pleasure to spend time with him. I highly respected the quantity and
    quality of the mathematics that he has done over the years.
    “He will be greatly missed.”

  13. Leiba was a kind and gentle fellow…I fondly remember bumping into him in the hallways of Jones Hall and being greeted with a smile. He was always so supportive of me and others, even beyond mathematics. A true gentleman and scholar. You will be missed Leiba!

  14. Lieba was a dear friend of mine. I was saddened by his death. He was a highly dedicated professional and model researcher in mathematics, who was admired by colleagues for his dedication, effectiveness, and his ability to inspire others for research excellence. He will be greatly missed and I am sure that his works will continue to inspire people.

  15. Leiba is a true scholar, devoted mathematician, and a dear friend.
    I am so sad to hear his passing. He will be greatly missed.

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